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Whether you are a complete novice with no prior experience or a weaver looking to further knowledge and skills we can provide something for you.
The general structure for our courses is set out below. 

Half day introduction to weaving - £70 in group

This four hour workshop is the ideal way to start if you have never woven before or want a refresher course of the basics. Looms will already be threaded up with a lovely soft lambswool giving you the chance to experiment with different weave patterns and lots of different warp yarns. We will also look at the process of getting the loom ready to weave. Any cloth you weave is yours to take away at the end of the session.

Full day - £150 one on one/£100 in group

This is similar to a half day for complete novices. The set up of the loom is explained in more detail and use of different yarns is discussed. You get to do more weaving and have a sample of your weaving to take away.

If you have previous experience and book a one on one day course we cater the day to your needs, so if there is a specific area or process you want to learn about then that is what we'll focus on.

Please note that the group price only applies to the set days below or if you are a group of 3-4 people wanting to book on a specific day.

Two days - £275 one on one

This looks more at setting up the loom, we start right from scratch so the first day is spent making a warp and dressing the loom, with the second day focusing on weaving. Again you get to take away the fabrics you weave. If you own your own loom and would like to set up using your own this can arranged too.

For weavers with prior experience we discuss exactly what you want to achieve.


(You can join these as an individual)

Friday 19th July (full or half day)
Saturday 20th July (full or half day)
Monday 29th July FULL
Saturday 10th August (full or half day)

If you are a group of friends looking to book a class together you can choose specific dates that work for you. 

For more info or to book a place email katherine@katherinefraser.co.uk or call 01225461341